How to Enroll a New Social Marketer or Customer

This section is broken down into 2 parts:

  1. How to Enroll a New Social Marketer
  2. How Your New Customer Places an Order
  3. Customer Retention Training

1. How to Enroll a New Social Marketer

What if my person wanting to enroll as a Social Marketer is a customer or a prior customer with Modere?

In the enrollment process, there is a box they check — then just continue completing the form! 

How to Connect Your Social Marketers

  • Move to Consultant Folder in FTR System
  • Send Welcome Email in FTR System (in checklist below, if you don’t have the FTR) 
  • Send Welcome Message (in checklist below)
  • Add and Tag in Social Marketer Groups (see Get Connected for groups)
  • Add and Tag in Prospect/Customer Groups (see Get Connected for groups)
  • Follow-Up Once a Week for the First 4 – 6 weeks, then on a rotation thereafter
  • Week 2, Send the FTR System Set Up Email (which includes your affiliate link) 

Checklist for the Sponsor After Enrolling a New SM

Enrollment Kit Options

Click the images below and you will be taken to the photo album in the Freedom Boss Tribe Facebook group where you can right click each photo and save it to your phone or computer. Save these images and be prepared before you invite your first prospect to take a look! 

If you have the FTR System, these images are available to be sent through the SmartSender. If you don’t have the system and want to check it out, ask you sponsor for their link. 

Custom Social Marketer Enrollment Kit Options

What if my prospect doesn’t find an enrollment kit that fits their needs?

Most all Social Marketers will enroll with one of the Enrollment Kit options.

On occasion, though none of these kits will fit their personal product preferences.

For that reason, we want to be make sure you are aware of the ‘option’ for your new Social Marketer to enroll by creating their own enrollment kit. 

How to Create Your Own Enrollment Kit

This video walks the prospect through the enrollment steps if they want to hand select the products for their enrollment kit. In the video, it references the Virtual Catalog, as if you’ve sent this to them, as well. 

In the online enrollment process, the products are listed in ABC order so having a list in advance will make it easier for the prospect to locate the products they want to order.

Send your prospect your 1) enrollment link, 2) a link to the Virtual Catalog and 3) a link to the video.

Virtual Catalog – Catalog link is

Video Link – To copy the Video url, right click on the video, then copy ‘Copy Video url’ and paste in messenger or in an email to your prospect. 

This is in the FTR System for your convenience. 

2. How Your New Customer Places an Order

How to Connect Your Customers

  • Mail a Thank You Card, thanking them for their order
  • Add them to the team’s ‘Customer Appreciation’ FB Group
  • If not added prior as a prospect, add them to the ‘Healthy Living Community’ FB Group  
  • Message them & let them know that you added them to the group
  • In the FTR System, move your contact from Customer Prospect to Customer
  • Tag them once a week in a post you think they’ll love about the Modere Products (set tasks in your FTR System)
  • Follow Up in 3 weeks & ask them to share a testimonial (set tasks in your FTR System)

Customer Enrollment Tips

This video will show you how to share your Modere Code with a new customer that wants to buy specific product with you – New Customers get a $10 credit through your link.

Refer those who are wanting to place a product order and they receive $10 off their first order.

When your Customers refer a friend with their referral code, they can earn product credits.

Click here for details.   

Note: If they enroll in Smart Ship and they get the Smart Ship discount they will receive $10 off or the discount, whichever is greater.

3. Customer Retention Training 

1/24/18 Dixie Falls – How she hit Platinum 3 (over 9000 Points in her Customer Pod!!!), and how she had 72.5% REORDER the next month & has more than held her Rank of Platinum 3!!
  • Learn how to get acquire customers
  • Learn how to retain them
  • Learn how to make over $6000 a month just off your Customer Pod
2/26/18 Building Bran Loyalty Through Customer Retention (Plat 3 Director 2 – Crystal Harvey, Kaggan Parker, Nikki RaIMI, Devon Christensen)
7/3/18 Vicki Cook – Are you doing this ONE simple thing to help with customer retention, and connecting with all of them at once?

Tips from Mindy Doyon for taking care of her customers. 
My retention is huge and most of my customers are on SmartShip.

For all new customers, I send a thank you card in the mail.

I also do their orders for them, and explain that it’s on SmartShip to save them money.

By doing their orders, they have to contact me to add or change, so I think they’re not as quick to cancel anything as when they have access and can do it quietly themselves.

Thankfully they are all getting great results so it’s a non-issue anyways.

For my customers that spend a lot, refer a lot, and have been ordering for months, I periodically send a little thank you gift, like body butter, or the toothpaste and mouth rinse collection.

And I always do follow up on Fridays to check in with them and tweak as necessary.