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“Facts Tell, Stories Sell”

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In the Units (Learning) section of the Healthy Living Community (click the link above), you’re going to find all the facts and you can ‘study’ the products until your hearts content but… but we want to stress something that you must understand.

Facts tell (and you do need to know where to find the facts, when asked) but it’s the stories that sell.

When you hear ‘stories’ we want you to think emotions.

So… for example, if you were to share why you liked a particular product you use at home (not a product that Modere offers) or maybe a restaurant or move you saw, would you state all the facts;

  • who made it
  • where the company is located
  • if it’s the best price available (doubt you’d even know this)
  • best value (compared to what?)
  • how/where you can get a similar product for less (do you care?)
  • why you bought the product (is your reason really a fact?)

No! Of course not. That would be weird. 

Do you get it?

Share the stories. Facts tell but it’s the stories that sell. 

By the way, when needed Modere Corporate offers a prompt to ask a Corporate employee questions you have about products. It’s not needed often but know it’s there when you need it. 

Modere Corporate

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You do NOT need to be a product expert to build a HUGE business with Modere.
In fact, being a product expert will hurt you when it comes to enrolling others as a Social Marketer.

They will think, “Oh wow! She’s (he’s) great but I’d never have all those answers.
I could never do what they do!”  

Know where to find the answers and in the mean time, focus on being a GREAT story teller.
That is what will help you to build a BIG business here at Modere.
And know, this team is here to help you, every step of the way!