When it comes to Networking, the first step is to be sure our Facebook Profile is set up Professionally and that we have a proven Posting Strategy in place.

That’s why below, we’ve provided those two trainings first.

The Networking Step for your Daily Method of Operation consists of the following: 

  1. Professional Facebook Profile
  2. Facebook Posting Strategy
  3. Simple Strategies for Meeting New Friends
  4. Daily Networking 

Facebook Posting Strategy

And now that your Facebook Profile is professionally set up, it’s important to implement a Posting Strategy that includes How to Craft One Killer DIRECT POST a Week that Brings You Leads Every Week!

This strategy not only keeps your profile professional but it’s proven to keep your friends wanting to read your posts and to engage with you on Facebook!

Watch the video “How to Craft One Killer DIRECT POST ” and prepare to implement this important strategy before moving on to the next step below.

Click to Download Your Monthly Facebook Posting Strategy Chart

#2 Networking
Add 25 New Names to Your List Each Week

Everyone understands they’ll need to learn how to invite, present and enroll people into their business… but people think the network they have when they join is the network they’re stuck with… and that’s just not true!

Networking is a SKILL. And that means you can learn it, and you can master it! When you become a master networker, you will NEVER run out of names ever again! 

Below is a 16 minute training video with simple strategies to help you meet new people on Facebook every single month!

Then, download the Networking “Message” Scripts and add them to your binder to use as you begin to send messages.

Daily-Weekly-Monthly Networking

Networking online is no different than networking in person. It’s all about being a human first, and a marketer second.

Hopefully you’ve watched the video about the Facebook Posting Strategy section above, as well as the 16-minute call about how to create more leads above, under #2 Networking above.

If not, STOP.

Go back and watch these before moving forward!

In summary, Networking online is about:

  • Engaging in your selected ‘niche’ Facebook Groups (or Facebook Pages)
  • Engaging in your Facebook Newsfeed
  • Engaging with those who engage with your posts (those who comment!)
  • Messaging “hi” (and chatting and being friendly with friends)
  • Acknowledging your friend’s birthdays by sending a ‘happy birthday’ message
  • Adding new friends weekly

If you are frustrated with the engagement you are experiencing with your posts — try tracking your networking. Here’s the a Networking Tracking Chart.