This section is broken down into 4 Steps:


  1. Your Why
  2. Setting Business Goals
  3. Craft Your Story
  4. Your Network (Your List)

Step 1- Your Why

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Step 2 – Setting Business Goals

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Step 3 – Craft Your Story

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Tips for Goal Setting
To help with setting goals, we’ve provided examples of what’s possible for Builders and for Promoters.

60-Day Goal

Titles and Avg. Builder Income
(For Business Side)

Titles and Avg. Promoter Income
(For Customer Side)

Step 4 – Your Network (Your List)

Your “Net Worth” depends on your Network. No worries, if your Network (list) is small.

Expanding and growing your Network is one of the things we teach best — so stick with us! Please DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, though! We guarantee you know more people than you think you do. And even if you don’t… you need to do this step, so you can help those you meet, and who join you. 

Dirt List 

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Dream Team

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Chicken List 

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Memory Jogger 

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