Fast Start Training

1. How to Re-launch Your Business

2. Weekly Facebook Posting Schedule

Professional Facebook Profile

Before we dive into the details of Step 2; Networking… it’s important to be sure your Facebook Profile is Professionally Set Up… so a good number of ‘those you know and those you meet‘ will want to be your customer or become your partner in business.

We’ve created a Professional Facebook Profile Checklist that you will want to download and print.

  • Proven Social Media Posting Formula
  • How to Launch Your Business with Facebook Lives
  • Ongoing Weekly Posting Schedule
  • The Secret to Powerful Promotional Posts

Weekly Posting Schedule Resources

Click the links below to download. We suggest you print the documents and add to your Resource Manual.

Facebook Posting Plan

Facebook Posting Tracking Chart

If you want to Pre-Schedule your Facebook posts, we recommend CinchShare and if you use the code csfree you will get a 30 day free trial. 

The Weekly Formula for Consistent Growth

3. Expand Your Network (More Friends on Facebook)

  • How to Find Where the Best Targeted Leads for Your Modere Business and Products are Hanging Out on Facebook
  • How to Connect with These Leads so They Want to Become Your Facebook Friend
  • How to Create Relationships with These Leads so They Want to Buy Your Modere Product or Join you in Modere

Expand Your Network Resources

Click the links below to visit the suggested groups and page, then bookmark them for easy access in the future. 

4. How to Invite People to Take a Look

  • Who to Invite to Take a Look at Your Modere Business
  • When to Invite to Take a Look at Your Modere Business
  • How to Invite to Take a Look at Your Modere Business

How to Invite People to Take a Look Resources

Click the links below to download. We suggest you print the documents and add to your Resource Manual.

Product Inviting Scripts

Business Inviting Scripts

Business (Funnel) Prospecting Steps

Note: Enrollment Pack images are available in the Freedom Boss Tribe Group Photo Albums and are in a SmartPack for FTR System Users. 

FBT Challenge Inviting Script
“Hey there! We’re hosting a free 5-day [XYZ] challenge! It’ll be fun + will give us all some accountability. There will be some freebies and I know you’ll love what you learn about [XYZ].
(XYZ is whatever the challenge topic is about)

FBT Modere Virtual Event Inviting Scripts

5. ATM Prospecting and Follow-Up

  • ATM Prospecting
  • Follow-Up

ATM Prospecting and Follow-Up Resources

Click the link below to download the Prospecting Steps, if you didn’t download in #4 above.

Below are quick links for your convenience that are referenced in the video and in the Business Prospecting Steps. 

Business (Funnel) Prospecting Steps

Facebook Groups (under #1)

Monthly Webinar/ Virtual Events

Your Personal Social Media Posts (#2 above)

Saturday M-Life Calls (under #6)

Monthly Challenges

FTR System Training 


6. The FTR System (Contact Manger and Marketing System) 

The FTR System is a contact management and marketing / communication system to help you to keep track of your contacts, know who you need to follow-up with, as well as providing you with resources to send to your contacts without having to save things to your computer or phone. 

ASK YOUR SPONSOR TO EMAIL YOU THEIR LINK  and the code for a 30-day $1 trial.

For video tutorials on setting up your system and using it, click here.

7. Qualify for Commissions

Please, please, please make sure you are QUALIFIED for commissions in Modere: You must have a personal 75 Point ‘SmartShip’ order each month or have 150 Activity Points (NEW Customer orders  and/or personal Social Marketer orders).

Most people just set up their account with a 75 point Smart Ship… obviously you need to be using the products to have success in sharing them!

* Remember, once you hit Bronze or above you earn $100-200 in free product credit that can be used towards your Smart Ship.

8. XMOne Program (Recognition Program for NEW Social Marketers)

XM1 is an exciting program created to recognize new Social Marketers who hit the ground running with Modere.

By meeting specific goals in their first full month, new Social Marketers can earn a Modere Experience of their choice: an iPad, iWatch, shopping spree or weekend getaway!

A Modere Experience is more than a fabulous reward; it’s also a great reason to socially share, create curiosity and further propel your business! Plus, Social Marketers who earn a Modere Experience will also be recognized on the monthly kickoff calls and featured on the XM1 leaderboards. 

For US details on how to qualify for a Modere Experience within your first month, click here.
For CA details, click here

You’ll also find a link to the Monthly Leaderboard updates at the link above, as well. 

US Business Overview Plan