Compensation plans can be overwhelming. Our suggestion, yes… of course it’s smart business to understand how you get paid and how you make money here at Modere but DO NOT allow not understanding every nitty gritty detail stop you from building your business.

From experience, we can 100% confirm, as you build and grow your business… the understanding of the Comp Plan will come.

This section is broken down into multiple short videos and documents. Use these as a reference, as needed. 

Full Compensation Plan Overview (15 min)

A to Z of the Modere Compensation Plan. 

Team Builder Bonus (3 min)

Earn $100 – $3000 Monthly BONUS for building a team.

Promoter Plan (6 min)

Earn money and free product by building your customer pods. 

Promoter Development Bonus (4 min)

Earn a $10 – $300 a month bonus on the customer pods in your team. 

Builder (Building a Team) Income Examples

Promoter (Getting Customers) Income Examples

US Compensation Plan (March 2019)

US Business Plan